Hurricane proof log house – Fortessa Caribbean 200

Hurricane proof log house 'Fortessa Caribbean 200' is designed to withstand winds over  245 miles per hour

hurricane-proof house;

hurricane proof house

Hurricane proof house

Interior of a hurricane-resistant house

floor plan

Floor plan with 3 bedrooms, hall with open kitchen, bathroom, utility room and large terrace in front.


 Glue laminated timber wall

hurricane proof log walls

Dovetail corner joints. Hurricane proof log walls are 14 cm thick, made of massive glue laminated timber


hurricane windspeed

Fortessa 200 house is designed to withstand winds up to 245 mph.

hurricane-proof-log house

Floor plan adjustment nr 1

Hurricane proof log house Fortessa Caribbean 200 was designed to withstand winds of more than 200 mph and this is even faster than Hurricane Irma was in 2017.

Now we have even stronger version available designed to  withstand winds up to 245 mph


We can custom design your house in any size and shape  you need.

Hurricane proof log house construction:

Thick, massive glue laminated timber  walls are made of certified & tested extra strong  GL 24 graded glue laminated beams. All timber is treated against termites with Axil 3000P.   Lumber is harvested from responsibly managed Scandinavian forests.

Dovetailed corner joints give extra strength and all walls consists of heavy stainless steel anchors from top to bottom to make the log house extra strong and keep it securely fixed to its foundation. 

Security glass doors and windows are all protected with hurricane proof window shutters.

The roof is a Ruuki Classic Nextgen sheet metal roof from Finland, 6 dB quieter than any other metal roof and, of course, it is hurricane proof. Colors available for roofing are red, white, gray, limestone, and sometimes blue is available on special order.

The colour scheme for your house is up to you, as we can provide all of the colors found in NCS colour charts.

Pricing of a hurricane-proof  house:

It is a higher-end, cosy, ecological, European made hurricane-proof  house that can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Price is depending on transport costs, import taxes and other location-dependent costs.

Fortessa model is from around 100. 000.- €  including  montage.

Delivery times are from 4 months.


Termite-proofed log house 

We are certain that glue  laminated timber  treated with Axil 3000P  is 100% termite proof.

Glue-laminated timber is extremely durable construction material.

Did you know that glue laminated timber is the material of choice to build skyscrapers in Tokyo?

They have Richter scale 9 earthquakes, they have hurricanes and termites in Japan.

Read about it here: Tokyo to build world's tallest timber tower

CAT 5 Hurricane-resistant log house

Well, if they build hurricane resistant, earthquake proof timber skyscrapers in Japan, you can be sure,  that a one floor glue laminated timber house can be also hurricane resistant and earthquake proof. 

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom floor plan

We  design and  build very different houses with very different looks worldwide as can be seen in  CONSTUCTION GALLERY